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  • Trodat Printy Line text stamps

    Whether for a name or address stamp with or without a logo - whatever the requirement there is a Printy with the required text pate size available.
  • Trodat Professional Line text stamps

    Company and address stamp also available with company logo - a Professional Line stamp with the text plate size needed is available for every requirement.
  • Trodat Professional Line date stamps

    Trodat Professional Line daters. Various text plate sizes. Easy to set date by turning the dateband wheels.
  • Trodat Printy Line date stamps

    Trodat Printy Line date stamps. Several sizes. Easy setting of date by turning the dateband wheels.
  • Office Printy german

    The most important standard texts with 2-colored Imprint and enough Space for motive and text.
  • Text plate

    Separate text plates for word and date stamps.
  • Wooden stamps

    - Glatz proprietary design
    - Manual stamp in varnished natural beech wood with sturdy handle.
    -Available in any size, from smallest model to curved stamp.
    - Excellent stamping quality using laser rubber plate.
  • Microcell stamps

    Self-inking stamp without ink pad.
    - Stamp with micro-pore text plate imbued with stamp ink.
    - High quality and thousands of clear-cut, accurate impressions.
    - Modern casing with protective cover.
    - Also enables 2 colour stamping

    Many different stamps
  • Trodat Classic Line hand stamps

    Trodat Classic Line hand stamps. With date numbers stock text or individual text. The last word in supporting office organisation.

    Embossing presses for Laser engraving.
  • Trodat dryteq

    Ready...Steady...DRY! Simply stamp and cure the ink with the UV-curing unit. The stamp ink dries immediately on almost any surface. Ideal for marking metal, plastic or glass. Perfectly legible impressions with every stamp impression. It's so easy!

    Parents know the situation: their child, arriving from school, has forgotten things like T-Shirts, lunchbox, drink bottle or other things.

    Trodat has found a solution with the textile stamp "Label your life". Stamp and mark all "your things" you need to: textiles, smooth surfaces, iron fleece etc.
  • Trodat Vintage Stamp

    The Stamp.
    The vintage look makes the stamp a real eye-catcher. Through the 6 different impression possibilities per stamp, it can be use for countless occasions.

    The Stamp Pad.
    3 different colours per stamp pad enable even more opportunities for creative ideas.

    The Labels.
    Especially created for the vintage stamp, the labels are absorbent and guarantee an optimal impression. Their different shapes and designs open the room for creativity.
  • Goldring

    Writing... and something more! Pen outside - surprise insinde.
    Available in several designs.
  • Special products and accessories

    Numberers, multiprinters, stamp holders, stamp colours, special stamp pads
  • Replacement ink pads

    Colour has come into the wold of stamps! Ink pads in different colours are available for all models.
  • Business cards

    Different formats. For your individual design.